Agent 47 is back in action, but this time he’s more deadly and brutal than ever. Agent 47 began his previous missions in a finely pressed suite and tie. But this time, he has taken the tie off, and leave the top button open. A bloody bandage over his bar code tattoo, Hitman Absolution is a complete different experience than before. IO Interactive has really crafted the game, the incredible and eye catching graphics, all thanks to Glacier 2 engine. Unlike previous Hitman titles, there is no pre-mission planning, In some missions you will have the signature Silverballers, while in some missions you will get nothing.

Every mission in Hitman Absolution is challenging and difficult as they have ever been. Whether you’re marching through the crowded streets of Chinatown or sneaking through a millionaire’s well-guarded penthouse, you’re frequently given a large number of options when it comes to approaching a target. Absolution continues Hitman’s tradition of open-ended gameplay, accommodating the silent assassins and blatant sociopaths among you. Watching the target, thinking how to take him down and exiting without a noise always feel outstanding.  At the end of each level, you will see a summary which shows what you have acheived and what you have missed in the level. Besides, there are also some challenges in each level. So, there are plenty of reasons to go back in the same level. On normal difficulty, getting caught is not a big deal. Agent 47 can easily take large amount of damage and has many weapons to help him out. Many levels in Hitman Absolution has multiple targets and you can take them in anyway. There are five difficulty settings  in Hitman Absolution the dubbed ‘Purist’ is the hardest setting and it disables HUD elements like health, radar etc and also disable Agent 47′s ‘instinct’ mode which shows enemy positions and location.

The enemies A.I is not so good, if you are ever spotted, have  a disguise blown. You will see the enemies, after some time gets bored of trying to find out what’s going on. The game’s voice cast is really impressive, music is also a nice deal. Hitman Absolution multiplayer mode “Contracts” is a nice addition to the game. In this mode players can enter any single-player level, target up to three NPCs in the world, and set criteria for their death to challenge friends and other players around the globe. Like every game, Hitman Absolution also has many flaws, first of them the story is  really a disappointment. Second the game has many bugs and glitches, especially the PC version of the game is completely filled with bugs and glitches. Enemies A.I is also not so good. However, Hitman Absolution’s gameplay is really good and a challenging one.


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